How to import items from Excel

Specifications :

If you want to be quick, open your Excel file and click on Save as and selectthe formatUnicode Text(*.txt)format.

If you want more detailled specifications :

  • The first line is the header. Each cell should contain one of the fields described below
  • Encoding : UTF-8 (sometimescalled Unicode)
  • Number separator : bothdot or comma separator are allowed

By default, the separator is the tabulation but you can modify it.

Fields :

Name of the field Description Example
name Name of the product Orange
price Price of the product. That price does not include tax 10
pricewithtax Price of the product. That price includes tax 11.55
tax Tax rate 15.5
barcode Barcode 7891321541
reference Reference of the product.Will be used if you want to update your products. 110


Every column of your file must have a header which is the name of the field.

Theonly mandatory field is “name”, you can use only this one.

You should only use one of the column price or pricewithtax, but if you want to mix them, you can fill the right column and put 0 in the other field.


Precisions for the format of the tax / price

You should use numeric format.

The separator can be the dot or the comma (. or ,).

You can use space with the thousands separator.


Example of file : (separator: ,)




Below two example of file (separator TAB):

Example of file with price with tax

Example of file with price without tax